You can pursue Bachelor Degree Course in Management , Computer Science and General Studies.

Any Indian Citizen with maximum age of 40 years can apply for Bachelor degree of their choice as per the Eligibility of the course. These degrees are awarded from MANGALAYATAN UNIVERSITY Recognised BY UGC , NAAC A+ Govt of India and other Statutory Bodies. .

  • Courses include BA (HONS) , BCOM ,BSC (HONS) , BBA ,BCA .
  • Final Decision of Selection lies with the Management Body of the Sponsored Company Only.
  • Total Course Fee is FREE OF COST . Students need to give Exam Fee and Application Charge Only.

NB:This Opportunity is not applicable for any Staffs/Career Advisors/Franchisees/Directors Board/Investors Board/Advisors Board Of NIMTT or other Companies of NIMTT Read More





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